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What makes us so committed to drilling and blasting? We know it well and collectively we have decades  of hands on experience. From Water Boring to Geo Sampling to Open Pit Mining, we have worked alongside the best in the business.

Put simply, we are drillers….. for life

Why don’t we service oil and gas contractors? Our experience and expertise does not lend itself to these specialized and unique fields. There are ample specialized brokers and qualified  dealers to service these clients so it makes sense to leave it to the pros.


… is one rooted in an unwavering commitment to the drillers who trust in us… who demand superior solutions that help their businesses develop and know we always deliver on that promise.

Selling Is Easy

Once you have decided to list your equipment it’s as simple as signing the sales agreement.

We then create your listing, create a customised marketing program, upload video presentations, email your professionally presented equipment details to hundreds of potential buyers, answer all calls and enquiries and weed out all the time wasters. We don’t stop until it is sold!

Buying is Easier

We will ensure that the rig you look for is the right one for your contract. We actively negotiate the best possible price on your behalf and we can get you the rig or part you need even when it’s not for sale. If needed we arrange inspections (at your cost) & international shipping quotes.

We Search

Finding the right rig is rarely an easy task. Add time constraints to the equation and it is almost impossible. Give us the task by submitting details as specific as possible. Free up  down time for yourself while we search far and wide. All options will be presented to you by email.

Our Competitors

There are many agents, websites and venues that want your business. each has its merits and proven strategies. We are not in the business of competing. Instead we concentrate on what we can do for you, the client. Read how we treat every single listing compared to other entities.

How We Sell

We use every venue and tool possible to promote our listings throughout the industry. Our network reaches every corner of the globe and attracts over 100 inquiries weekly. Read more to see how we sell equipment, the listing process and the clients obligation at time of sale.

We Have What You Need

We have the drills, the anfo trucks, the drifters and plant equipment you need. Even more important – you have our commitment to stay with you until the job is done. We don’t hang up our hat until our clients have completed the deal and the rig is delivered to site.

WE Have Buyers Too

We are always looking for specific quality equipment based on potential buyers requests. It can be anything from a boom with a cradle to an older rig that is rarely found.

Once a specific item is requested we immediately post it to our Wanted section. More often than not, a contractor who sees the ad has that rig or part sitting in the yard and contacts us.

We don’t see a dead end in any search for equipment, what we see is a challenge which we eagerly accept.